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You will devise a public relations program plan in

You will devise a public relations program plan in a fictitious scenario.Your client is the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, which represents 2,000companies in the local region. In the wake of the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in Super Bowl 54,officials at the Chamber think they have come up with a great idea for a new addition todowntown Kansas City that will attract locals and tourists alike, instill civic pride and bringadditional spending to the community’s service industry businesses. The idea, intended tocapitalize on the wave of excitement over the Super Bowl win, is to build a Kansas City SportsMuseum within two years, designed to honor the long and proud history of professional sports inthe city.The new 50,000 square foot facility will be built from scratch and will feature photos, videos,audio recordings, memorabilia such as uniforms and equipment as well as a series of interactiveexhibits. It will also host events such as award ceremonies, speeches and autograph signings.Aside from the Chiefs, the museum would also pay tribute to the city’s other professional teamssuch as baseball’s Kansas City Royals, and the Sporting Kansas City soccer team as well as suchnow defunct teams as basketball’s Kansas City Kings and baseball’s Kansas City Athletics. Allin all, it will be a mix of the current Kansas City sports scene coupled with a nostalgic trip downmemory lane.The price tag on the project is somewhere in the $200 million dollar range and here’s how theChamber sees the revenue picture. Visitors to the museum would buy tickets for single visits orpurchase a long-term membership discount plan. There would be adult and youth prices and a 20%discount for residents of Kansas and Missouri. But the Chamber also hopes that a number ofcontributors — including major business boosters, the pro sports team themselves and somewealthy civic-minded citizens—would contribute some of the money for the project. TheChamber would have a nonprofit organization actually run the facility, but it will ask the cityitself to budget $1 million a year to help share operating costs.To make such an ambitious plan work, the Chamber needs to drum up tremendous excitementfor the idea among the sports community itself, local residents, the business community and localelected officials.Your firm is hired to run a series of public relations campaigns to target a variety of audiences(e.g. sports fans, local business community, local residents, professional sports teams, localelected officials, tourists…) to create awareness, raise funds/donations, increase membership,attendances, supporters and volunteers.For this assignment, please focus on a specific target audience as you see fit and devise a PRprogram plan to target that group with defined objectives.2You written report should provide a public relations program plan based on your analysis. Inparticular, your written report should include the following:1. A title page (title, client name, date, the class—CO 331,your name)2. Executive summary (1 page, key points of your report, a paragraph about each section ofyour report)3. Situation analysis: (e.g. who the client is, the nature of the issues, what is theenvironment in which the client is operating, what the client hopes to achieve through theapplication of public relations, any other contextual information…)4. Target audiences (specify key target audience through market analysis, provide therationale for why you choose this target audience, target audience’s demographics (e.g.age, gender, income, education, occupation, etc), geographics, psychographics (e.g.motivation to visit/donate, lifestyle, attitudes towards sports/sports museum, etc…),media use. Use some secondary data)5. Objectives (What specific objectives your program is designed to achieve?Informational objectives (e.g. create awareness…), motivational objectives (e.g. donate,buy tickets…)? Remember a good objective addresses the situation, and is realistic,achievable, and measurable.)6. Strategies and tactics1) Strategies2) Tactics (At least 2 tactics)—channels of communication, such as publications, radio spots, social media, newsreleases, direct mail pieces, open house, sporting event, etc. (Think about earnedmedia, owned media, and paid media, and interpersonal communication). Why wouldthey be used, how would they be used, and in what time sequence. Please providesome essential specifics for action to be executed;— What specific messages will be conveyed or experiences designed via thesechannels? Tell specifically what will be done to produce these releases—what sourcesof info and help will be tapped, etc. Be sure to indicate the outlets which will receiveeach release. You need NOT to actually write releases or produce other messages.7. Calendar/timetable. (Describe the steps of when to do what in terms of planning the PRprogram. Remember, the museum is to be built within two years)8. Budget (You have unlimited budget for your program. But you need to discuss howmuch you plan to spend on what)9. Evaluation. (How are you going to evaluate if the program is successful—meets yourobjectives? Restate each of the objectives first and then name the evaluation methods tobe used for each of these objectives.)10. Conclusion11. Reference page, if any. In APA style.

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