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You must cite at least five sources of reference m

You must cite at least five sources of reference material. Examples of citable publications include academic papers in professional journals, including Nature, Science, Cancer Research, or Discover, specialty books, or reputable scientific Web sites (citing their title and URL – see below). The research paper must be typed and double-spaced. It should be a minimum of five written pages in length but not exceed eight pages including references. It must be well written using good grammar and paragraph structure. The paper will be worth 100 points (20%) towards your final grade. Your paper will be due by the last class before the first group presentation. All references cited should be put into a reference section with APA format for a book, parts of a book, research papers, or websites. The paper must be written in APA format. This includes, a title page, body and references. The abstract can be excluded. For more help on APA format, see the following website: To help with formatting citations use The final paper should be turned in through, this link will be posted on Blackboard. The originality percentage cannot exceed 10%. No paper copies will be accepted.Creighton, H. B., and B. McClintock. 1931. A correlation of cytological and genetical crossing-over in Zea mays. Proceeding of the National Academy of Science 17: 492-497.May, B. 1992. Starch gel electrophoresis of allozymes. Pages 1-27 in Hoelzel, A. R. (Ed.)Molecular genetic analysis of populations. IRL Press/Oxford University Press, New York, NY.Russell, P. J. 2010. iGenetics: a molecular approach, third edition. Pearson, BenjaminCummings, San Francisco, CA.You must retain the computer files of your work for this course until after you receive the final grade for the class or your paper, lab report is returned to you.this paper is very important!!My topic is DNA mutationI will send you an example of this paper!

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