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You have been asked to serve on the search committ

You have been asked to serve on the search committee for a new Chief of Police for your agency. You have several years of experience as a Lieutenant and have a good working relationship with the retiring chief, as well as an overall understanding of the agency.Because of this, you and the other members of the search committee have been asked to submit a report to the search committee chair that details the qualities most important to the new chief. The search committee chair has asked that each member of the committee choose the top four qualities/ KSAs that the new chief must have, with one page of supporting details for each quality. Note that these are the four most critical qualities/KSAs, so choose carefully and ensure that you provide supporting evidence. We have reached the end of the semester, so you should have a wealth of knowledge about police administration that you can rely upon to write this paper. The report should be written with examples and clear details to indicate your understanding and application of the material. Use information and resources from the book to help guide your decisions. Utilize the book but do not plagiarize it. You must show independent critical thought here. Remember that you will be turning this in on D2L and plagiarism detection software will be used. If you use something from the book, cite it (in text like this: Cordner, 2016). If you use those alone, there is no need for a works cited page. Feel free to use other sources but you must cite them and include a reference page so that I can find them. I am not particular about what type of citation formatting that you use, as long as I can identify the source and locate it myself. See the syllabus for the late paper policy. See the grading rubric attached to the assignment in D2L. Write the report in the form of one quality per page.Bold the quality and then begin your supporting details and evidence.For example: Experience with measuring productivity The most important quality for the new Chief of Police is experience measuring agency productivity……

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