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You are to create a PowerPoint and an approximatel

You are to create a PowerPoint and an approximately 5 minute YouTube Video (or equivalent public access video) on the Nuclear or Alternative Energy Chapters content (or approved alternative for some previous projects or related topics in the course). PowerPoint or Website discussion with voice over is acceptable. You will also turn in a 3 page extended abstract (what was looked at, how was any assessment made, and any findings or conclusions) on the presentation topic, with references, as the written part. The grades for the 2 parts will be weighted per the syllabus. Some of you chose the default project for Project 1. If you have no other topic, you are to choose a topic below:Nuclear topics-1. The impact of Fukushima on the US Nuclear Industry2. How PWR and BWR Plants are refueled and spent fuel is stored (short term and longer).3. Small Modular Reactors – competing designs and how they differ from current operating plants (advantages/disadvantages)4. Methods of Using Reactors to Produce Secondary Materials (other fuels, medicines, etc)Alternative Energy topics-1. The Use of Community Solar in the TVA region – what is it, how is it planned, and how does it benefit the community (also where has it, or something similar, been deployed successfully). TVA permission is required for systems that are on the utility side of the meter, how might this effect the structure of projects.2. The TVA region has relatively few large Wind Power sites (sustained 20mph wind). Find and assess wind (or other) alternatives that might still supply smaller sites (say below 20kW).3. Gas turbine topping cycles have been extensively studied. Look at Topping for a MWe class industry, that also needs steam/hot water for processing at 200psi. Propose a system and look at the economics compared to conventional energy sources.4. Wood waste has been proposed as an alternative energy source. What are the applications suitable? Emergency or sustained use? Size (cost and energy) of suitable application? Advantages/Problems?Or as noted above topics related to previous project or with approval.Grading (PowerPoint presentation)(10 points) Statement of topic and why you chose it(15 points) Quick outline of coverage – list of actual subtopics (organization)(60 points) Narrative discussion (of each subtopic) – heart of presentation – 2/3 of grade is content, 1/3 is for quality of presentation)(15 points) Conclusions (tie together relevance to Energy Conversion)Grading (written abstract, should follow presentation)(30 points) Discussion of what was looked at(30 points) Discussion of how the topic was critically assessed(40 points) Discussion of results and conclusions/recommendations (I will have no point of view on these, only a judgment of closure on presentation and conclusions)

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