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You are needing to provide me in a Memo format the

You are needing to provide me in a Memo format the answer to the fact pattern provided below. Requirements:Word format ONLY1 inch top, bottom, and side margins12 point font – Time New Roman/ArielSingle spacedMemo format – To: From: Date: Re: Helpful Hints:If you would like to copy and paste the questions from the fact pattern and use those has your headers I am perfectly fine with that…in fact I would encourage you to do so.Yes/No response – I am looking for you to tell me in your words the yes/no and WHY behind your answer…Again your are providing assistance and a teaching moment to the person asking…NONE OF THESE QUESTIONS ARE A SIMPLE YES/NO. Each numbered question (e.g., 1) is worth 4 points each. You do not need to send me a 15 page Memo – I just need for you to demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter. All of these answers can be found in the textbook. Here is an example in answering the questions:#) Will my Ford F150 be considered an Eligible Vehicle under my automobile policy?Yes, your Ford F150 would be considered as a covered vehicle under your PAP as it is a four-wheeled motor vehicle. However, you must have owned or leased the vehicle for a continuous 6 month time period. You do not need to include this but I found this answer in Chapter 20 – Auto Insurance – Eligible Vehicles paragraph. You can see I answered the question and provided a couple of details that the person asking may want to know. As you can see I answered the question (Yes/No) and provided a little knowledge as to the why and if there are any limits. Fact Pattern:Pete Mitchel, is a new agent in your office (You are the Broker) and has just received his P&C license to sell car insurance. He remembers a couple of things from his exam, but really needs your help in answering his customer’s questions. Here is the email he sent to you:to: youfrom: Pete Mitcheldate: April 9, 2020 12:01 Meeting with Joseph Banks next FridayI am needing some help in preparing for my meeting with Joseph Banks. In my initial conversation with Joseph he would like to change his automobile insurance from his current carrier to our company as they have provided him with a notice that they are no longer going to be writing/renewing car insurance in the state of Alabama. He has four cars that he would like to have insured and really hasn’t read his insurance policy in the past but during this entire process of shopping for new coverage has to read our sample policy and has a lot of questions about what is and will not be covered. Here is all his questions that he sent to me? (Man this guy is needy!!!)1) What is this declaration page about. Will I see my cars covered on the page? What does a covered auto mean? 2)I am looking to trade in my daughter’s car when I receive my tax return and buy a new car, do I have to contact you immediately for coverage on the new car?3) I own a trailer that I use to go garage shopping on the weekends, is there coverage for that? 4)What happens if my car breaks down and I have to go to a car rental company to rent a car for my personal use, do I have to buy their expensive coverage, or can I decline their coverage and use this policy for coverage? 5)I have always wanted a Porsche and my neighbor wants to sell me his, but I don’t plan to drive it daily as I going to keep my existing car. Do I have to call you immediately to add the new addition (Porsche) onto my policy?6) I noticed on my current declaration page something about coverage of $25,000/$50,000/$75,000, does this mean if I have one accident they pay $25,000, 2nd $50, 000, and 3rd $75,000, I just need to know what these numbers mean? 7) Who all is insured under this policy, do I have to purchase a separate policy for my wife (Jane), 18 year old son (Steven), and my 22 year old daughter (Ellen)? 8) Are their any additional things (supplemental) that the policy will provide coverage that I do not have to pay for under the Part A of the policy? 9) I know there are things that this liability coverage will be excluded from covering. Please let me know what those items are so that we can sit down and discuss as a family. I do remember a couple of years ago I purchased a gas grill at one of my garage shopping trips that I had in a trailer that fell out on my way home and my current insurance company refused to pay the claim. (They are such a cheap company and wouldn’t pay $75 and I never have made a claim in the past, I am so happy to have a new company!).10) What happens if I take the family car to Florida, will I have coverage in another state? Will my insurance provide me coverage?11) What is this Medical Payments Coverage about? Whom does it provide coverage?12) I saw something about Uninsured Motorist Coverage? What is this? 13) What is this arbitration clause language in the Uninsured Motorist Coverage about? 14) Are there any exclusions for this Uninsured Motorist Coverage that I need to discuss with my family? 15) If I have Underinsured mortgage coverage in the amount of $150,000 and someone hits me with limits of $35,000/$40,000 and I have bodily injury of $150,000 (medical bills) who pays what?16) If I purchase Part D (Collision) coverage what happens if I drive through a puddle of water and drive into a telephone pole? It’s my fault does this coverage still apply?17) What happens if my daughter hits a deer while driving on Hwy 231, will my Part D – Collision policy provide coverage? 18) What happens if I am at the grocery store and someone hits my car with the grocery basket will the Part – D Collision cover the claim?19) My son parks his car at school and someone breaks into it and takes his golf clubs, is this covered under Part D Collision or Part D Other than Collision or is it not covered at all?20) Do I have any coverage in the event we receive a freak ‘Hail Storm’ in the Troy area? 21) When I rent a car I remember the Enterprise Car Rental Agents ask me to check the collision damage waiver (CDW), box what does that mean? 22) On Part E, what am I contractually required to do if I am personally sued because of an automobile accident that I am involved in?23) Can I cancel this policy at any time?24) I have purchased a motor scooter for my daughter to drive around on her college campus, does my automobile policy provide her coverage?25) If I am sued does this insurance policy provide me with a legal defense, or will I need to find and hire my own attorney.

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