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You are asked to find a current event (defined as

You are asked to find a current event (defined as an article from 2017-2020) that deals with an issue related to the class. This could be something having to do with an artist, a work of art, the history of art, the process of making art, etc. This should NOT be an exhibition review or a biographical article about a specific artist.*In this paper, please take time in the first paragraph to concisely summarize the article (Who, what, where, when, why) and its main points.*Spend another paragraph talking about what this might mean to art in general, how it relates to our class, and how this might make people re-evaluate issues related to this subject in the future.*The rest of your paper should be about what this might mean to you personally. Does this change the way you view the subject matter? What is something that really stood out to you about the article or the issues outlined within?*You may also want to talk about the source of this information. Does it come from a museum? An international paper? A national paper? Do you think there might be any bias with the source or the way the article is written?*Please choose an article that is an appropriate length and not too short. The article you choose should be longer than a blurb or a few sentences. Otherwise, you will not get enough information to write this paper.*The paper you write should be 1.5-2 typed pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font.*Make sure to cite your source at the top of your paper, giving all correct information like source name, title of article, author of article, page numbers (if applicable) and date of article. You can also include a hyperlink if you would like. I do not need a specific format, but I do want enough information so that I can find the article).Some potential sources:New York Times Art section: (Links to an external site.)LA Times Art and Culture: (Links to an external site.)Smithsonian Magazine: (Links to an external site.)Artnet: (Links to an external site.)Art in America: (Links to an external site.)Art News: (Links to an external site.)Art Forum: (Links to an external site.)Art Newspaper:

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