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Writing 122

Develop a primary post (approx. 150 words) that responds to the following prompt by Thursday, 11:59pm.

What is the relationship between culture and identity? Anzalda and Yang are both interested in how an individual experiences culture. They explore the ways that an individual comes into contact with culturethrough language, but also music, movies, stories, food, family, physical environment, etc.and thus how culture shapes or affects ones sense of self. Use a passage from Anzalda or Yangs essay to respond to the question above.

Conclude your post with a specific, open-ended question for the group. Your question should develop logically from your response to the prompt. You are welcome to pose a question about something in the reading that intrigued or confused you, or to bring in Williams theory or the culture you analyze.

Be sure to quote from Anzalda or Yangs essay! Do give some explanation/ interpretation after the quote to situate it in your discussion point.
Attached is the reading.

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