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Write one essay, approximately 2 pages in length,

Write one essay, approximately 2 pages in length, that covers each of the below sections. If outside resources are used, identify those resources in your reference section.EssayIntroductionDescribe the importance of communication and miscommunication on patient safety.Identify organizational and departmental structure, the various levels of communication, and the chain of command.Identify barriers to and catalysts for effective team functioning.Identify effective professional communication styles and behaviors for communicating with interprofessional team members.Interprofessional CommunicationCommunication errors involve face-to-face conversations, electronic exchanges, clinical notation, system errors in sharing information (e.g.: laboratory tests), interpretation via the patient’s medical record and instructions among providers, patients, and family members. Describe an example from your experience of how a communication failure led to an error. Communicating effectively requires an organized approach for both sending and receiving messages. Using Table 1, describe:The ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, and ‘why’ to delivering a message.The methods to verifying a message including paraphrasing, repeating back the message, probing, and clarifying.Conflict ResolutionIdentify sources of conflict in the workplace.Discuss strategies to prevent conflict.Discuss strategies to de-escalate or resolve conflict.Choose one of the following conflict management styles. Define that style including its characteristics and use. Then describe how you can or have used this technique to handle conflict in your workplace.CompetingCollaboratingCompromisingAvoidingAccommodating

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