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write about the Watchmen (HBO), TV show No plagiar

write about the Watchmen (HBO), TV show No plagiarism pls write at least 600 words.Requirement:1. Having screened the pilot episode of ‘Watchmen’, compare and contrast the four popular articles on the HBO series.2. Explore how each engages the media text in terms of quality, socio-cultural impact, and play with genre and history.3. Explain why you would label the articles as either hot takes or reviews—and in what instance, you would prefer one over the other.4. How did their assessment compare to your view of the series’ premiere?This essay does not require sources other than the four assigned for this week. However, it is necessary for you to use quotations from the articles to support your assertions as well TWO examples of close readings and textual analysis (ONE detailed and ONE brief) of particular moments that speak to your assessment of the series.- The question should be answered in a formal essay of 600 words minimum, you are expected to use MLA format with a minimum of 4 sources (3 academic sources and 1 popular).

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