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Write a letter to your 10-year-old self describing

Write a letter to your 10-year-old self describing what life has been like for you at University. _____________________Part 1:To receive credit for this journal entry you must meet the 500 – 700 words count maxStart your letter by saying Dear 10 year old me,As you write to try to imagine that you are writing to a 10-year-old kid. End the letter with a salutation _____________________Part 2: Please answer these questions to the best of your abilities.What were some of your favorite fairytales or bedtime stories you loved as a kid?What games did you enjoy playing?If you played with toys, what kind of toys did you play with at that age?Were you afraid of the dark?Do you still play outside with your friends? Why did you stop? _____________________Part 3: View: A Conversation With My 10 year Old SelfLink:

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