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Week 3 Individual Writing Assignment Part 1: Socia

Week 3 Individual Writing Assignment Part 1: Social Exchange in GroupsWork on this assignment by yourself. Please click here to see the Grading Rubric for Module Writing Assignments.Social Exchange in GroupsInstructions. From all the groups that you currently belong to, select one that you have been an active member of for several months. Pick a group that you joined or voluntarily associate with, rather than one that you were assigned to. As you think about this group, identify the rewards you gain from membership and the costs the group creates for you.1. Describe a group that you have been an active member of for at least 3 months.2. What do you get out of membership in the group?Does the group accept you? Does it satisfy your need to belong?Is the group a source of interesting experiences or new ideas? Is it a source of useful information?Do you like the other people in the group? Do you enjoy being with them?Do you enjoy the group activities?Does the group help you accomplish tasks and reach goals that are important for you personally?Do you enjoy taking charge in the group?Does the group help you in various ways? Do members provide you with social support? With advice? With tangible assistance, such as money, food, or the like?Are there any other benefits associated with being a member of this group?3. What kind of costs do you incur by belonging to the group?Does belonging to the group take time away from other activities?Is it expensive, in terms of money, to belong to the group?Does the group pressure you into doing things you would rather avoid?Do you dislike some people in the group, and so dread some group functions?Are you frequently bored by the group?Are there any other costs associated with being a member of this group?4. Overall, what is your evaluation of the group, and your commitment to this group? Do you plan to remain a member for very long?

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