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We are starting packet 3 on addictive behavior per

We are starting packet 3 on addictive behavior personality. The next chapter on Power of Habit is 9 (skip 6-7-8), then we will start on the first two chapters of the Addictive Personality book. We are also starting the research essay at-home 3 (click to view outline) (Links to an external site.) this week, so I have posted the library video (click for instruction video) (Links to an external site.)on the Canvas modules from the librarian to help you access the articles you will need to write your essay. I strongly advise that you watch the video from Jeri Edelen our Cuyamaca librarian.Or follow the teacher’s habit loop:CUE: teacher writes we are moving on to essay 3. ROUTINE: go to the Cuyamaca front page , click on quick links, click on library, then on the left hand menu, click on resource guides, click on ESL, ESL 2A Spring 2020. Then, on your left hand side, you will see a list of topics with articles on several addictions: alcohol, caffeine, cellphone, gambling, etc., you need will to choose three articles from one of the addiction topics that you would like to write your essay on. When you choose an article, the library will ask you to log-in with your student ID (name.lastname) and password, careful, this is not the same password as your Canvas or Web Advisor, this is the password you enter when you use the classroom/lab or writing center computers. Unless you changed it, it is usually your birthdate with six numbers (070151). REWARD: Print, download, or email the article to yourselves, you can see the print and email functions on your right hand. If you have google drive, you can send it there.In case you do not want to go through the cue-routine-reward I described above to access the articles, you can skip it and just click on the link below; however, I strongly suggest that you follow all the steps on the routine, and make it an automatic habit for future library research assignments in other classes. (Links to an external site.) I truly appreciate all of your effort in spite all of the dangers, fears, and trouble this crisis is causing on everyone in the world.Keep yourselves and families safe and healthy,Manuel Mancillas-GómezSearch entries or author Filter replies by unreadUnread Collapse replies Expand replies

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