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Watch that Attitude’It will be helpful for you to

Watch that Attitude’It will be helpful for you to review Chapter 7 before answering this week’s discussion question. One thing we have learned in previous reading is that people spend most of their time thinking about other people! We care what others think don’t we? Just some thoughts to consider : Has anyone ever told you to ‘watch your attitude’? If you are a parent, you have probably said that to one of your children. How do we form our attitudes in the first place? Chapter 7 of your text discusses these and other questions about our attitudes, beliefs, as well as consistency theories such as cognitive dissonance (239). Share any cognitive errors or biases that you recognize now that you might like to change. When have you experienced cognitive dissonance? For your discussion post, answer the following:After reviewing the material, consider the ways in which your own attitudes and ideas have been formed. Who and what have influenced your development the most? What religious or cultural beliefs do you hold as important that may differ from others? Finally, when have you experienced cognitive dissonance? Share any cognitive errors or biases that you recognize now that you might like to change.*Remember to share at your own comfort level as far as what you choose to disclose. This forum is not to cause you to feel embarrassment or shame, but rather give you cause and opportunity for more insight. Even though you may be sharing from personal experience, remember that there are plenty of ways to include a reference to this week’s good research material within your post. Don’t forget your citation and reference as you share. 2. Your initial post (your response to the topic) must contain a citation. It is your ideas supported by research. Please refer to the APA Power Point in the Start Here section of the classroom for information on proper formatting. There will be a deduction of 20 points for failure to cite a source within your initial post and to provide a reference at the end of your initial post. 3. Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words

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