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Watch one of the following:1. Art and Copy:Art and

Watch one of the following:1. Art and Copy:Art and Copy Full Movie (Links to an external site.)2. College, Inc.Here: (Links to an external site.)or here (Links to an external site.)3. (Links to an external site.)PBS Frontline, ‘The Persuaders’ (Links to an external site.)4. Fyre: The Greatest Festival that Never Happened (need NetFlix to watch) (Links to an external site.)Answer these questions:1. Summarize the documentary using relevant terms in your promotion management textbook.2. What marketing strategies were utilized (if Art and Copy, just pick a few examples) and why were they successful? Who were their target markets and how was advertising utilized (in what ways, copy text, messages, etc.)? 3. What are the 3-4 big takeaways from the documentary.4. How important is advertising content and why as it relates to your chosen documentary?5. List 2-3 things you learned about advertising in these documentaries.About 200-250 words to answer each question.

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