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Watch all videos assigned for this module. Explain

Watch all videos assigned for this module. Explain how each incident manifests the themes discussed at the opening of the presentation, including implicit bias. Based on your assessment, do you believe that changes in policy and technology will be sufficient to reduce the amount of excessive force against People of Color? Explain why or why not.Students are welcome to use additional academic research, government and professional data sources (UCR, NCVS, BJS), and news accounts from reputable and well-known news outlets (e.g. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Buffalo News, AP, Huff Post, etc.) to justify their arguments. The essays must follow a recognized manual of style for writing, formatting, and referencing sources. Assignments should be approximately 500 words in length. Students will be evaluated on the degree to which they address all elements of the assignment, correctly apply and integrate course material, and logically connect conclusions to the materials presented. will send video and presentation

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