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Use ‘Reflection Paper Guidelines and Grading Rubri

Use ‘Reflection Paper Guidelines and Grading Rubric’ for guidelines on how to write paper. Make sure to include an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs and a conclusion.You have decided to apply the principles of operant conditioning, which you have learned about in your general psychology class, in an attempt to change another person’s behavior (this other person may be from your personal or professional life, fictional or real—it is up to you!)The goal of this paper is to choose a behavior of another person that annoys, frustrates or angers you in some way. You will demonstrate how you might punish this behavior AND how you can REINFORCE the behavior that you do want. This exercise is intended to give you practice on focusing on WHAT YOU WANT and not on what you don’t want. We are only working on changing ONE behavior/operant. You have the potential to receive full credit if you address only one behavior to modify and will be marked down if you introduce more than one behavior to modify. a) Describe something the person often does that annoys, frustrates, or angers you. Using positive punishment, how would you discourage this person from performing the behavior that annoys you? b) Using negative punishment, how would you discourage this person from performing the behavior that annoys you? c) Which method do you tend to you and which method would you prefer to use – positive punishment or negative punishment – and why? d) Imagine that the person’s who performed the behavior that once annoyed you, actually performs the behavior (either once or more than once) that what you want (might be the exact opposite of annoying behavior, in any case, this behavior needs to be related to the behavior that annoyed you). Share the desired behavior. e) Using positive reinforcement, how would you encourage the person to do the thing that you like? Define the process of shaping, or successive approximations, and explain how these principles could be used with the positive reinforcer you have already described. f) Using negative reinforcement, how would you encourage the person to perform the behavior that you like? g) Which method do you tend to use and which method would you prefer to use – positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement – and why? h) Of all four forms of operant conditioning: negative and positive reinforcement and negative and positive punishment, which one proves to be most effective in dealing with the person’s behavior that annoys you? Which of these four forms of operant conditioning might you use when dealing with future people’s behavior? i) What are your thoughts regarding Skinner’s work? Do you agree or disagree with his concepts of operant conditioning? Are there any gaps that you see? Please explain.Approximately 2 pages, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and either double-spaced, space between paragraphs or paragraph indentation. Along with paper content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and paper format will affect your grade. NOTE: WRITE PAPERS IN ESSAY FORM WITH INTRODUCTION, BODY PARAGRAPHS, AND CONCLUSION. DO NOT INCLUDE QUESTIONS IN YOUR PAPER NOR LABEL ANSWERS AS 1, 2, 3, ETC. IN PAPER. OTHER WISE, PAPERS WILL BE MARKED DOWN.10 points – Outstanding paper. Includes introductory paragraph with topic sentence. Specify article’s name and author, or psychologist from text, or film title. Grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and spacing are error-free. Page format matches assignment. Address every question in assignment. Mention relevance of topic to your own life by providing personal examples. Ideas well thought out and expressed clearly on to paper. Demonstrate emotional and intellectual contemplation. Have a conclusion that summarizes introduction and body paragraphs.*

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