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Unit 6 Assignment – Nerds GaloreABC Organization

Unit 6 Assignment – Nerds GaloreABC Organization is considering implementing an Enterprise Risk Management program. The board atyour organization where you are the risk manager has asked you to review this case study and presentinformation about the case study and your findings related to Risk Assessment Methodology.At a management discussion, it was agreed that the Executive Team would meet for a risk workshop toexplore the following HR-related risks and to help the executives evaluate the situation and decide onwhether to invest in Bates’s strategy: • Inability to recruit people with needed skills • Loss of staff with key internal knowledgeUncompetitive labor productivityIncreased departures of skilled technical staff• Loss of key business know-howThis is a relatively brief case study, yet the problems faced are quite complex. You are responsible forhosting the risk workshop. Create a presentation to address the information required in the risk workshopand answer the following questions.1. In your workshop, how did you handle uncertainty in the information you have been given andhow does this translate into real-world workshops where not all the answers can necessarily begiven at the table? 2. What were some of the risk sources that emerged repeatedly in evaluating the risks? How is thishelpful? 3. How would this risk assessment aid in the decision on whether or not to proceed with the newHR strategy?Make sure to provide a reference slide that provides APA citations of any sources used in thePowerPoint presentation. This slide does not require narration.Oral Parameters/Expectations:1. At least 10 slides in length, with each slide having a narration in Standard English explaining the keyideas in each slide.2. The oral presentation should have a highly developed and sustained viewpoint and purpose.3. The oral communication should be highly ordered, logical and unified.4. The oral delivery technique, including word choice and oral expressiveness, displays exceptionalcontent, organization, and style, while leading the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.5. Free of grammatical errors.

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