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Unit 4: AssignmentPoints 10One of the key aspects

Unit 4: AssignmentPoints 10One of the key aspects of Erikson’s theory is his ideas concerning the fixed, stage theory of psychosocial development. Your task this week is to examine how each psychosocial conflict applies (or will apply) to your own life. Start by thinking about the following list of events in your life. For each event, list what was (or will be) your greatest concern at each event:first day of kindergartenfirst day of junior high schoolhigh school graduationcollege graduation10 year high school reunion30 year high school50 year high school reunion Now look back at your list and relate your responses to Erikson’s psychosocial stages and conflicts. How do your concerns relate to psychosocial development? Was Erikson accurate in his theories about the various conflicts that we all experience

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