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Turn in a proposal for a social media marketing ca

Turn in a proposal for a social media marketing campaign for one particular brand (your brand can be person, business, service, object, etc). It can be a fictitious character, object, or service but when you share them on public social networking sites, please put disclaimer that this site is only for ‘ class project’ so that your consumers are not confused. Avoid popular existing brands. All your ‘content’ for the marketing must be original materials. Content means, anything you put on social media, whether it be short posts, videos, etc. Proposal Essay Instruction:4-5 pages double spaced times new romanEssay is worth 15% and the project is worth 15%. Total 30%. You can work on this alone or with other students (no more than 3 students in the group). When you work in a group, you can only submit one proposal and blog; however, everyone in the group MUST write on their submission comment box where their submission is. If you do not indicate who submitted your group work, you will simply receive zero because I will assume that it is not turned in. Marketing Proposal and Promotion ProjectIn your proposal, address following questions. In doing so, summarize and cite module readings as part of your proposal. 1) What is your brand?2) What does your brand represent?3) Who is it for? (Audience)4) What are your plans for marketing the brand using social media? Come up with a clear plan and strategies. What source and social media site will you use? How will you try to reach audience?5) After listening to videos, and reading journal articles, what is the most effective way to launch social media marketing? What are the current trends and how does it impact business?6) What are the ways in which you can create a lasting brand/visibility?7) Reflect on ethical implications and critical tone of voices on self-branding.After you turn in your proposal, you will start marketing campaign via social media. To complete a project, create a blog featuring all your marketing and branding ideas into practice. Include your promo videos (you can create one using your smartphone or other devices) and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. account showcasing your advertising. There is no limit when it comes to marketing ideas but this blog must be able to communicate effectively through visual, written and oral presentation of your brand.Blog is only a place where I will be able to find all your social media links in one place but you do not necessarily have to ‘decorate’ the blog or use them as your marketing promotion. This marketing campaign must show a steady progression. I will be checking the ‘dates’ you uploaded your content as well as the frequencies of posts. Avoid waiting till the last min. to upload all your content as that will negatively affect your grade. Video Instruction:

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