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Topic: Latin America Low Economic Growth: The Caus

Topic: Latin America Low Economic Growth: The Causes, Consequences and Solutions.OutlineThis paper must be written in many paragraphs of 5 to 8 sentences. Each of the topics in this outline should be and can be at least a paragraph. Also, this outline is only a guide; you should change it as you think it may be better to write your paper. Introduction Body Part 1 Define Economic Growth. Causes of Low Economic Growth in Latin America Consequences of Low Economic Growth in Latin America Part 2 Solution/ Argument 1 Explanation Solution/Argument 2 Explanation Solution/ Argument 3 Explanation Solution/ Argument 4 Explanation Part 3 Application of Solution/ Argument Application of Solution/Argument Application of Solution/ Argument Application of Solution/ Argument Conclusion Concluding Statement Analytical Summary Thesis Reworded RecommendationsSpecificInstructions Font 12 , Times New Roman , Double space Margins of1′ to 1-1/4′ on all sides10 pages minimum of written information The paper must have a cover page, an outline and a reference pageCover page, outline, and work cited pages are not counted towardsthe 10 pagesParagraphs must have a maximum of 10 sentences.Extra references are accepted. They cannot be Wikipedia, Investopedia or any open platform. Only books including the textbook and reputable newspapers ormagazines such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times,Forbes Magazine, Money Magazine etc. will be accepted Criteriaused for Grading Papers 1. Economic Content2. Analytical Depth3. Organization and Style (pay attention to thespecific instructions)4. Originality5. 10% penalty for each day thepaper is late10 % penalty for each of the followings (poor grammar, poor sentencestructure, length, number of pages, format, references etc.)

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