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Title of Your SpeechGeneral Purpose: To informSpec

Title of Your SpeechGeneral Purpose: To informSpecific Purpose: To inform my audience …Central Idea: Make sure to include your main points in this statementMethod of Organization: (Topical, Chronological, Problem-Solution, etc.)INTRODUCTIONI. Attention Getting DeviceII. Reveal TopicIII. Credibility StatementIV. How topic relates to audienceV. Central Idea and preview of main points(TRANSITION: Make sure the audience clearly knows you are moving from the introduction to the first main point. These can be fully typed out)BODYI. Main Point 1: State the first main point of the speech in a complete sentence. Use parallel wording.A. Subpoint: Use subpoints and sub-subpoints as needed. Give some details for each subpoint. You can also indicate what your supporting material is: Will you tell a story here, will you state some testimony, or present some statistics?B. Subpoint:1. Sub-subpoint2. Sub-subpointa. Sub-sub-subpoint(TRANSITION: Create a connective to help the audience move from the first main point to the second. This can be fully typed out.)II. Main Point 2: Another full sentence that states your second main point of the speech. Use parallel wording so that we can clearly connect the main points.A. SubpointB. Sub point1. Sub-subpoint2. Sub-subpoint(TRANSITION: Create a connective to help the audience move from the first main point to the second. This can be fully typed out.)CONCLUSIONI. Clearly signal the end of the speech – Identify how you will end the speech.II. Reinforce the central idea and main points of your speech.III. End strongly – quotation, story, statistic, etc.BIBLIOGRAPHYList complete citations for the research materials that you have used in your speech.Use to help you. Use MLA format.

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