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Throughout this course, we have written drafts in

Throughout this course, we have written drafts in stages and revised and expanded them each step along the way. Revision is essential for most writers, and many of us do not really express what we are trying to say in enough depth until we begin revising. Your purpose, in this assignment, is to choose any one of the first two essays that you have written, and substantially revise them. I have emailed you with feedback on essay 2 and suggestions for revision. Your grade for the assignment is based on how thoroughly the original, graded draft has been revised. “Substantive” revision means looking at what you have written with fresh eyes, taking the time to expand ideas, reorganize sections of your essay, develop stronger conclusions, rewrite sections of your essay, etc. This is different than “Editing,” which is looking for grammatical mistakes, typos, etc.For the revision assignment, you will need to:Make a revision plan in which you: sum up all the feedback that you have received on your previous drafts from your peers, your own self-assessment, UWC tutor, or Professor; list all the areas that you think you will be able to revise and examine why such revision will be useful; explain how such revision will take place.Read through your graded draft and highlight all areas that you are going to revise; this will make it easier for me to see what is being revised.Substantially revise the essays, expanding their ideas, organizing them more cohesively, and developing their analyses in more depth.Critically edit each essay—correcting errors, developing the rhetorical style of sentences, correcting citations.

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