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This was the discussion questionAnalyze the discus

This was the discussion questionAnalyze the discussion section of the Inger research article for evidence of problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making, and reasoning.This is a Discussion post from a student. All I need to do is to give a response base on this post.According to the Inger (2010), the main idea is that learning begins with the nurse themselves because evidence shows that nurses provides holistic care. Providing effective patient center care, such as; reviewing patient records, the article stated, nurses made an excursion by first reviewing patient charts ( Inger,2010). Secondly, they also received handoff reports which in facts gives an overview of the patient’s needs and wants. To assist with problem solving, a rapport is built between the nurse and the patient such as maintaining eye contact, understanding patient’s situation, standpoint and feeling. Also creating an environment for open communication, these ways of building rapport facilitate to a clear understanding of the care that should be provided by nurse an. In addition thoroughly reviewing of patient records aids in critical thinking in providing effective and evidence base care to patient. Learning is a journey that is constantly changing, which provide the nurse a vast of knowledge that can promote change as it relates to problem-solving and critical thinking.References are required: One from the course textbook. Other references from a peer-reviewed NURSING journal less than 5 years old. National professional, governmental, or educational organizations (.org, .gov, be used as supplemental references.Must use the textbook as ReferenceHere’s the Required textbookPolit, D. E & Beck, C. T. (2018). Essentials of Nursing Research: Appraising Evidence for nursing practice (9th ed.) Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer HealthISBN: 9781496351296 (Book)Use APA format

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