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This semester we will be conducting a 3, week long

This semester we will be conducting a 3, week long scrums. The class will be split into teams of 4. This will allow each team member to practice a different team role each Sprint (a week).Each team will be developing a piece of software in a language of their choosing or through interactive prototyping. Everyone in the class has their own background and expertise. You may be a good Java programmer, a web developer, a graphic artist, or a mobile programmer. Everyone will be assigned to a team project in which they will be able to contribute fully.The projects will come FROM YOU. In this assignment, every student individuallywill prepare a project proposal. A summary of each proposal will be described in class. Each student will vote for their top 3 proposals (not your own). The top proposals will get made this semester. Each group will then be assigned a proposal that is fitting for that group. Each team will also have the option of doing interactive prototypes if they do not wish to code. Each team will not necessarily finish their project but you will complete 3 full weeks of Software Engineering including implementation.FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT:Each Proposal should contain (minimum 3,000 words):● An Elevator Pitch (~half page)● Motivation (why do you want to make this software, why does the world need it) (~halfpage)● Comparable Products (what else is out there) (1 page)● Feature Description (~ 2-3 pages)● Technical specs (what languages and skill sets would be needed) (~ half page)Page limits are only a rough estimate (but you must reach 3,000 words one way or another). I am mainly concerned that you get the idea for your project across in a clear and professional fashion. Depending on the project, this may take many more pages of writing to fully flesh out your idea and you might need additional sections.During the project you will be using interactive paper prototypes so please feel free to use your imagination to come up with interactions and software ideas that have not been created before.

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