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This outline to be handed in is to be an outline w

This outline to be handed in is to be an outline with bullet points, numbers, and/or lettershowever you choose to outline it. It is not meant to be a rough draft. It should be a half page toa page. Topics:You may write on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), stem cells, cloning, gene therapy,biopesticides, health implications of fracking, any certain disease afflicting humans, or healthdisparities in different communities. If you have another human biology topic in mind, just askme to make sure it is relevant.In this paper you will gather and interpret scientific information from a variety of sources and usethat information to discuss scientific issues in a current topic in biology. Your outline should include the following four sections:Introduction and Research-with thesis statement which is a concise summary of the main point or claim of the researchpaper. You will introduce the topic with a detailed description of its relation to health and humanbiology. Diverse points of view on the topic can be introduced here. Analysis and Scientific Method:You will use scientific theories and methods of inquiry to explain phenomena observed inlaboratory or field settings. Or in other words describe an experiment or study that you havefound a reference for pertaining to your topic. Opinion:You will also describe ethical or sociological dilemmas arising out of scientific research andapplications, which may include those related to social justice, and may have implications forlocal and/or global communities. You will be giving your opinion here. You will also discussthe relevance of major scientific theories and/or research to modern day life.References:Begin a list of references using the format describe in the research paper instructions found oniLearn. You will need at least two references. You may NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, or similarsources as a reference.

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