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This memo asks you to take three steps: read criti

This memo asks you to take three steps: read critically; research effectively; and, write efficiently. Pleasereview the Wedge Stabilization Strategy article (Pacala & Socolow) and compose a 650-750word memo that outlines:● the nature of the environmental problem of climate change and the human role in the developmentof that problem; and,● the prospects for solving the problem (or at least mitigating it) over the course of the next thirty yearsusing illustrative examples.While it will be appropriate to refer to suggestions outlined in the book and the article, you must support yourassessment by pointing to at least four examples of how some of those suggested solutions are actuallybeing implemented. The memo should be analytical and reflect your research rather than express opinions.Here is a suggested outline to help you stay on track:1. Introduction – please address the nature of the environmental problem of climate change and thehuman role in the development of the problem. Introduce the problem to set the stage for the main pointsyou will make throughout your paper. (2 points)2. Body – Assessment of the problem and prospective solutions. Discuss how suggested solutions are beingimplemented to some degree. Provide four illustrative examples (be specific). (4 points)a. Example 1 – mitigationb. Example 2 – mitigationc. Example 3 – adaptationd. Example 4 – adaptation3. Conclusion – briefly summarize the main points described throughout your paper. Conclude with a finalstatement regarding the examples you have outlined. (2 points)4. Works Cited/References – list and cite all sources used throughout your memo using MLA or APA format.Do not cite any sources not used in your memo. (1 point)5. Proper grammar/spelling/usage/format (1 point)Information supporting your suggestions must be appropriately quoted/attributed/cited. You should NOTemploy quotations of more than a few words since they reflect someone else’s thinking/analysis/opinion,rather you ought to effectively summarize and paraphrase references and attribute/cite them inaccordance with appropriate academic standards noted in the syllabus and excerpted here with some helpfullinks.

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