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This is report of the business class. Students are

This is report of the business class. Students are required to play the game Goverture in class to simulate running a company, and then write a report based on the simulation.The whole report have two parts. You need to write the first part —strategic analysis and about 1000 words (include 100 words reference). The writing guide is one of the documents. Please read the guide carefully. In the first part, you will choose two of the four questions to write (on page 8 of the guide). I suggest you write the first and third questions. The specific background introduction, team experience reading list are in the following documents, please complete the report based on this information after reading. Below this document, I sort out all the frameworks and models in this lesson. And write down the model that I think corresponds to these two questions. In this report, please be sure to use the 3 references I provided. Two of reading are in the reading list. You have to use 2 other references. The other reference you choose must be related to the model I listed for you. You also need to read the lecture ppt about this part of the course and use ppt’s strategy framework to analyze in writing. Creative and critical engagement with literature and simulation data and observations. I will give you the simulation data. If you need data as a reference, you need to make a table yourself (the number of words in the table is counted in the total number of words). Please use the frameworks from the lectures and readings of our course that I gave you. Frameworks from outside the course may be used, but only where a student has explicitly justified a shortcoming, limitation or gap in core course frameworks. This is one of important point. Both references and ppt are in the following file. This is Master-level writing, with a strong focus on Critical thinking. I also uploaded an example, please at least reach the level of the example. The scoring standard is also in the file, Please do your best to reach the highest score.

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