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This is another of several ‘reflections.’ Remember

This is another of several ‘reflections.’ Remember, these are less formal, briefer writings. How I will grade these: The reflections earning A grades will be those which stay within the requested length (250 to 300 words), show a clear statement of opinion, and elaborate on that opinion while illustrating it by mentioning a few key details from the topic piece. These do not need to be perfectly proofed, but they will be free enough from errors to communicate clearly. To earn five extra points, respond very briefly to at least three of your classmates. Don’t everyone respond to the same three, please, especially not the first three you come to, but mainly, just choose interesting postings to respond to.The topic for this week’s reflection is a video from YouTube, but it is not a music video; this time, the video is a key scene from the movie entitled Lincoln, which played in movie theaters several years ago. If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend it. In this scene, which is about three minutes long, Abraham Lincoln is played by Daniel Day-Lewis. The broad context of the scene is during the Civil War, and more specifically, Lincoln’s determined effort to have Congress pass what was to become the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the amendment which abolishes slavery or involuntary servitude, except as punishment for proven crime.The more specific context of the scene is this: Lincoln is meeting with his Cabinet members and other key supporters. At issue is how to gain two more votes in Congress which are desperately needed for this amendment to pass. A complication is that the Confederate States have actually contacted Lincoln with an offer to end the war. Knowing that without the threat of continued war to spur the passing of the amendment abolishing slavery, Lincoln has concealed the Confederate offer. As the scene begins, his staff members have learned of the Confederate offer and are angrily confronting Lincoln about this. He listens without speaking, until, slamming his hand on the table for silence, he speaks–spelling out in no uncertain terms what is at stake, ‘for all coming time.’ When his staff still balk, he rises, and the ethos, the power of personality Day-Lewis projects in his portrayal of Lincoln in this crucial moment, is immense.The scene furnishes us with subtitles of all the dialogue, so the words are easy to follow. This is of course a partially fictionalized peek ‘behind the curtain’ of what it took to pass such a monumental change to the law of our land. But Daniel Day-Lewis speaks with the eloquence that the actual man, Lincoln himself, was known for, and I am curious as to what each of you thinks of this scene. (Daniel Day-Lewis won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance as Lincoln in this film.)

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