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This exam consists of short answer questions and e

This exam consists of short answer questions and essay questions. Each unit has a set of four short answer questions, for which a sentence or two, or bullet-point responses should suffice, and two essay questions. In each of the three sections on the exam, you must answer all of the short answer questions, and select one essay question of the two provided. Your essays should be about 1 page, double-spaced, and reference the text – be sure to provide an in-text citation when you reference the text! In all, your completed final exam will consist of eight short answer responses and two essay responses. Your exam is due to the Blackboard submission folder by 11:59 pm on Sunday, April 12. Unit 1: Roots of Inequality (Chapters 1-3) Short answer: Answer all of the following questions. (5 points each) 1. What are the three key dimensions of inequality that are emphasized by sociologists? 2. List four historical proponents of the “conservative thesis” that inequality is right and proper 3. List four historical proponents of the “radical antithesis” that inequality is wrong and destructive. 4. Dependency theorists contend that global capitalism has brought what three negative consequences to dependent nations? Essay questions: Select one question to answer. (30 points each)2 DOUBLE SPACED PAGES Essay 1: What arguments have been offered in support of the social benefits of inequality, and what counter-arguments have been offered to challenge these supposed benefits?How have these arguments formed the basis of conflict and functionalist views of social inequality? Essay 2: What are major causes of the “double divide” between and among nations?What factors are emphasized by dependency and world systems theorists, by modernization theorists, and by neoclassical economists?

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