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This assignment has three parts. The first part is

This assignment has three parts. The first part is a review of NCU dissertations to help you understand what will be expected of you as you move into the dissertation phase of your work. The second part is a general explanation of quasi-experimental research. Finally, the third part allows you to think about setting up your own quasi-experimental research.Part 1 (2 points):For the two NCU dissertations listed in the Resources for this week, identify in ONE sentence each the problem, purpose, research questions, methodology and design used in the study, and finally why the methodology and design selected are appropriate to answer the research questions presented. (Reminder: Methodology refers to whether the study is qualitative or quantitative, and design refers to the specific kind of study it is such as correlational.)Part 2 (4 points):In one page, explain what quasi-experimental research is in your own words and clearly establish how it is different from both correlational research and experimental research. Describe in detail why quasi-experimental research is used much more frequently in Education than experimental research.Which kind of study do you expect you would be more likely to use in your own research and why?Part 3 (4 points):Think of a problem in Education today that could best be addressed with quasi-experimental research. In one page, describe the problem, purpose, research questions, hypotheses, methodology and design of your study. Describe why the idea you have come up with makes more sense to address with a quasi-experimental design than either a correlational or true experimental design.Length: 2 pages, not including title page

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