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Thinkof a time when you completed a satisfaction s

Thinkof a time when you completed a satisfaction survey for a business,doctor’s office or other organization. What types of questions did theyask? What would you assume they are trying to accomplish with theirsurvey? How can this type of data be used to determine organizationalaction?Michelle Mattson posted Apr 11, 2020 8:03 PMIdo not remember any specific surveys I have taken from a doctor’soffice, of which would be a great example to relate to the material welearn in this class, but I am offered a satisfaction survey when I orderitems from Amazon prime. As soon as my package is dropped off, Ireceive a survey that asks, “How was the quality of our service?”, “Wasthe package delivered in a timely manner?”, and “Would you buy this itemagain?”. Amazon prime is looking for how their customers view theirservice and a general idea of how their delivery workers handle thepackages. A survey where the customer says the package was poorlyhandled/damaged or was delivered well past the expected delivery timemay show Amazon which of their deliverers is not meeting qualitystandards. Positive survey results can show Amazon how well theirdeliverers meet standards or what products customers will want topurchase. By analyzing the results of the survey, Amazon can act when anemployee does not meet quality standards or fix a service issue thatmultiple customers are experiencing. Healthcare facilities use surveysfor similar reasons. They can gather negative or positive feedback toincrease the quality of their service to ensure the well-being andprivacy of patients. They may try to find a new approach of sendinginformation to patients or how appointments are set up. Surveys filledout by patients and stakeholders can provide healthcare professionalsgreat insight as to how high the quality of their service is.Dena Curtis posted Apr 11, 2020 7:24 PMIdo a survey every month when I complete online Relias training for myjob. Our healthcare training company through Relias, asks us about 10questions after each training module. Some of the questions are: Did youfind this module appropriate to your job?; Was this module easy to useand understand?; Did you find this training helpful in the event of afire?Those are some of the questions that are in the surveys aftercompleting monthly training modules at work. After those types ofquestions, there are also a few questions where the employees can makesuggestions for improvements, etc. I would say the company is making sure that their training andrefreshing modules are staying efficient, effective, and user-friendly,so they can continue to improve any that they receive improvementsuggestions on, keep and add more clients, maintain their learningmodule trainings for their customers, etc. The type of data that Relias uses can help companies remain compliantwith constant changing regulations, to be able to track and report ononline courses and more. Relias uses the data it collects to givecompanies expanded tracking options to all them to manage the differenttypes of learning that is needed throughout the organization. Becausemany organizations have more than one department and need to keepupdated on various types of learning. Relias also helps each healthcareclient keep track of all employees and their completions of their onlinetraining through Relias, it is detailed breakdown of completion andcompliance statistics for each assigned document or by each individualstaff member, (Relias, 2020). If this data isn’t kept up with, it ispossible the healthcare company could fall behind on importanthealthcare regulations, and staff could become less involved in theirjob duties and even what to do when it comes to an emergency such as afire, active shooter, or sexual abuse, etc. It is crucial for companiesto keep up on regulations, laws, and educational training in accordanceto their state, federal laws, and their jobs. Healthcare companies couldsuffer fines, lose profit, lose customers, and lose staff if thesetypes of data aren’t maintained. In addition, the patients could suffer,staff members could suffer, and even healthcare industry itself wouldlose out on many things if the data is not collected and properlymaintained and organized. ReferenceRelias. (2020). Learning Management System tracking and Reporting. Relias, LLC. Retrieved from Curtis

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