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THESIS For this forum, interpret some aspect of on

THESIS For this forum, interpret some aspect of one of Flannery O’Connor’s stories in light of information about her life. Consider, what does the biographical context help explain? What qualities or aspects of the story does your biographical approach/perspective not account for? Create a thesis in response to the prompt. Note that chapter 8 mentions a few significant literary devices/terms present in O’Connor’s work. Also see the important note below regarding in-text citation. Two additional items to adhere to when writing the thesis include the following: 1) Create a full sentence consisting of a claim about the use of literary devices in the story, and 2) note that a thesis statement should be able to stand on its own–for example, avoid use of ambiguous or vague pronouns in the thesis: instead of using ‘he’, use the name of the character being referenced, or if it is the narrator being referenced, say it is the narrator.IN-TEXT CITATION IMPORTANT NOTE. Be sure to cite O’Connor’s own words (in support of the thesis created in No. 1) from her letters and essays excerpted in the chapter or cite information from the critical essays. Identify at least one quotation from the text (no more than two) in support of the claim of the thesis created in No. 1. For the parenthetical citation attached to the quotation, document the specific page number on which the quotation is found, or if the paragraphs have been numbered in the text, document the paragraph number instead of the page number–either way is fine. Parenthetical citation. When citing the author’s name and a page number, use no comma after the author’s last name: (Doe 10). Or if the author’s name is to be included in the sentence containing the quotation, use (10). On the other hand, when citing a paragraph number rather than a page number, use a comma after the author’s last name: (Doe, par. 5), (Doe, pars. 5-6), or when the author’s name is included in the sentence, use (par. 5). For further explanation of MLA style for in-text citations, refer to the Lesson 1 learning resources or AsktheMLA. BODY PARAGRAPH Compose some notes explaining the reasoning behind the claim of the thesis, as well as why or how the chosen text citation best illustrates the claim. Using the thesis as a topic sentence (i.e., placed as the first sentence of the paragraph and establishes the focus of the paragraph), incorporate the topic sentence, in-text citation, and reasoning together into a single, brief paragraph of 250-300 words. Use third-person point of view and MLA style. Post the paragraph. It is not necessary to separately post the answers to questions 1 and 2; rather, to avoid needless repetition and possible confusion, simply post the paragraph to the forum.

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