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these can be done in Q & A format, paper format no

these can be done in Q & A format, paper format not required.PART 1250-400 words each1. What might be some advantages and disadvantages of using online surveys? Discuss and describe how you might do the following:Choose an online survey tool/instrumentSelect your participantsCreate assurance of informed consent and confidentialityEvaluate the reliability and validity of your application of the survey measurement instrumentProvide at least two scholarly sources to support your responses.2. In making decisions about your use of a mixed methods design study, describe and discuss the following:How you will determine the order in which to implement qualitative and quantitative aspects of the studyHow you will decide the extent to which each type of data [qualitative and quantitative] will be incorporated into your studyHow you will decide if the two types of data are to be combined/mixedHow you will determine and apply a theory guiding the design of your studyProvide at least two scholarly sources to support your responses.PART 2Directions: Provide short answers of 100-150 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 200 words for your response. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly resources to support your responses. Include at least two to three peer-reviewed journal articles beyond the textbook and course readings. 1. What are the features of quasi-experimental variables and designs? Under what conditions would this type of approach be appropriate? Provide at least one example in your response.2. What is the primary role and function of action research as applied to counseling psychology?TEXTBOOK: Sheperis, C., Young, J., & Daniels, M. H.(2017). Counseling research: Quantitative, qualitative, andmixed methods (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.ISBN-13: 9780134025094

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