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These are the questions you write about as you ana

These are the questions you write about as you analyze the painting:Introduce the artwork you have chosen. What is the name of the artwork? Who created it? What was their biography/background? What does it tell you? How does it reflect the time period/artist/social, cultural, or political issues? How is it created? What are some of the elements and principles used in creating this artwork? Analyze and explain those elements. Why would you choose the work that you did? Is it because of the story the work tells? Its importance to the history of art? Its innovative composition? Its intense personal expression? Its rarity? The high skill level of its creator? Some other reason?Artists create art with purpose. What do you think this artist’s purpose was in creating this work? Why do you think this? What clues can be found in the artwork and the title that lead you to this conclusion? Are there other themes that are addressed within the art? What are they? How do you know? (Note: “to make money” is certainly one reason why art is created, but you must be able to support this with facts. Try thinking outside the box on this question.) Address the potential meanings of the artwork. Look at the time-period and the history of the artist. Their background often influences their style and perspectives. What personal meaning do you find in the work you have chosen? What do you feel are its universal messages? Include the background and history of the artist and make connections to style, messages, and themes. You will include a biography of the artist and make connections to the art work they created. Using terms from class, discuss the media (material the art is made from), i.e. oil paint on canvas, carved stone, etc. Then discuss the technique (the way the material is constructed, applied etc.) How does the media and/or technique influence and/or enhance the meaning? If it not a traditional media or process, do you think the new technology or material is superior to traditional media? Why? Use any vocabulary from the class to discuss your art in detail. You must incorporate the vocabulary of the principles and elements of art pertaining to your piece. You must choose a minimum of THREE elements/principles of art and discuss how the artist utilizes them in this image. This section should be at least two fully developed paragraphs.3. Is this an artwork of value (not necessarily monetary value, but cultural value)? What is the value of this art in today’s society? Does its meaning change over time? Do you feel the message the artwork conveys will be relevant in the future (or not, if you feel it will not)? Do you feel art is worth risking your life for? Would you do the same? Why or why not? Relate these questions to the piece of art you have chosen to write about.4. Comment on your emotional response, aesthetic reaction, why you liked the piece, and why you think it’s important. Did it make you think or see things differently? Does it have a strong message? DO NOT make this paper about only your opinions. You must do real work and research. Your opinions come at the end, after you have done all of the formal and contextual research and analysis. No one cares about uninformed opinions – make sure you have done the research and use critical thinking skills to make connections.

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