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There is no word count as long as the questions ar

There is no word count as long as the questions are completely answered. 1)You have recently joined the British Academy of Management (IS/IT/E-business Track). You have been asked to develop four executive briefing papers on the following areas given below. Each briefing should be no more than two sides of the exam booklet. These briefing papers will then be word processed and sent via email to the Chief Executive Officers of large businesses such as British Telecom, Scottish Power, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and so on, as part of the Executive Breakfast Club run by the British Academy of Management. Your executive briefing papers should provide a clear explanation as to what each concept is; how the concept can be used (if appropriate); and how it might add value to the Executive and their organization. Particular attention should be paid to the strategic use, and innovation potential, of information technology and information systems. Your briefing papers must draw upon real life examples and best practice within IT/IS from around the world. 1.a) Compare and contrast Zachman’s Alignment Framework with Luftman’s IT Business Alignment Maturity Criteria, as tools for assisting organizations achieve alignment between the strategic goals of the organization, and the current and future IT infrastructure of the organization. b) When CEOs are looking to hire CIO’s what sort of leadership traits/characteristics should they expect applicants to have? Suggest ways in which organizations can ‘grow their own IT leadership talent’.c) Evaluate and, with examples, demonstrate the value IT and IS can bring to the National Health Service (NHS) Scotland. 2.Critically contrast the classical (e.g. John Ward’s BISS Approach) and evolutionary approaches (e.g. Michael Earl’s Multiple Methodology) to developing an Information Systems Strategy following SISP principles and guidance. 3.What approaches could an organization adopt when attempting to develop innovative uses of IT/IS?

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