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The ‘Statement-of-Work’The purpose of the ‘S

The ‘Statement-of-Work’The purpose of the ‘Statement-of-Work’ (SOW) is to define project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines for a vendor, supplier, or consultant that has been identified to provide services to the project. The SOW typically includes the scope of the work to be done, detailed requirements, pricing, and expectations for the work to be done. It represents the ‘terms of agreement’ that are entered by the ‘consumer’ (Project Team) and the ‘provider’ (the Consultant.) The SOW is a binding service agreement. A detailed ‘Statement-of-Work’ should be prepared for each of the different consulting engagements (if applicable) that are entered by the ’Project Team’ with consultants or service providers.The scenario is that a change has occurred with the scope of your Individual Project. A consultant is required to develop a report on the application of you project internationally. The consultant will be added to the ‘Project Team’ as an ‘external’ member of the team. You must establish a formal agreement of understanding with your consultant. Prepare a ‘Statement-of-Work,’ using the provided template, and explain the ‘scope of the work that he/she must perform. Note: Introduction and Purpose section of the subsidiary must be used to explain, in your words, the purpose of the respective project management subsidiary plan. This will be an opportunity for you to explain your understanding of each of respective knowledge domain.An ‘exemplary’ score (2.25-2.50 points) will reflect a foundational understanding of the knowledge domain and how it integrates with your specific project in the portfolio business case. This must include the exact format requirements, it must follow the instructional guidelines, and it must align with your specific project. Errors with format, or lack of compliance with the requirements, or a mis-aligned with the content of your project will result in a loss of points. An ‘effective’ score (2.00-2.24 points) will reflect a basic understanding of the essential components of the ‘subsidiary plan.’ Errors with format, or lack of compliance with the requirements, or content not related to the specific [project, will result in a loss of points. An ‘ineffective’ score (0-1.99 points) will reflect a subsidiary plan or artifact that is poorly organized and difficult to read, one that takes the words of the resource template and uses them, one that lacks format exactness and does not follow the requirements, and/or is unrelated to your project in the portfolio.

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