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The proposal is your plan for how you wouldinvesti

The proposal is your plan for how you wouldinvestigate a topic/problem of interest that is worthresearching. The topic may be related to your specificroute (i.e. marketing, finance, and internationalbusiness), or your chosen future career or potentialorganisation you would like to work for.Your proposal will be assessed against the followingvarious marking criteria and should be structured intothe appropriate sections listed below.The requirements are the following: Background: What is the background to the topic/organisation/problem? [5 marks] Justification: Why is this topic/problem/questionworth researching? [10 marks] Research Question: Your general focus researchquestion. [5 marks] Objectives/Hypothesis: What you will have to do toanswer the research question. [5 marks] Critical Literature Review: You must summarize thecurrent body of knowledge in your chosen field. Youmust refer to refereed journal articles and up-to-datetextbooks. To be critical you need to compare andcontrast the different views on your topic. [40 marks] Methods: What is your research philosophy(positivism, interpretivism etc)? What is your researchapproach (induction, deduction etc)? What is yourresearch strategy (survey, ethnography etc)? Whatdata do you need to collect to fulfil your objectives andanswer the research question? How will you collectthe data? How will you sample and access yoursubjects? How will you analyse the data? [25 marks] Timescale: What activities do you plan to undertakeand when? Imagine you begin work on your project inJuly 2020 and have to hand in the completed work inApril 2021 (to be implemented at Level 6). References: In your assignments, you should ensurethat you cite and reference all your sources accordingto the Harvard convention.

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