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The prenatal period of human development is a time

The prenatal period of human development is a time of rapid growth and change. The development that occurs during pregnancy and at birth can significantly influence individuals throughout their lifetime. Similarly, development during infancy is fast-paced and affected by both genetic and environmental factors. Development moves from a perceptual to a cognitive emphasis as babies impose meaning on what they perceive. Deprivation during this period has profound physical and psychosocial effects on children.Imagine that you are a developmental expert meeting with a group of first-time mothers at three different points in their experience. For each meeting, provide a link to a resource that provides further information for expectant and new mothers on the topic addressed in the meeting.In 150-250 words each, respond to the following prompts:Meeting 1During the first meeting, the mothers are in their first or second trimester. You have been asked to speak about the effects of the environment on prenatal development. What information would you present to these newly pregnant women? How would you help them to ensure the healthiest pregnancy?Meeting 2During the second meeting, the same group of mothers are in their third trimester, and preparing for delivery. You have been asked to present information regarding labor and delivery options, including home births, birthing centers, and hospital births. Address the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Discuss the role of families in the birth process, and the pros and cons of using medication during labor and delivery.Meeting 3In the third meeting, the same mothers have given birth. Summarize typical physical and cognitive milestones of children at 1, 2, and 3 years of age. Include simple strategies the mothers can implement to promote the growth and well-being of their young child.Use 3-5 scholarly resources to support your research. No plagiarism

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