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The Outsiders, Dialectical Journal for Theme Major

The Outsiders, Dialectical Journal for Theme Major theme in The Outsiders: Socio economic status or class causes internal and external conflicts. Please follow direction within the upload!PDF UPLOAD: ‘THE OUTSIDERS’ by ‘S.E., HINTON’Word DOC: Instructions/RubricsRead Chapt 1- 12 –> PDFWord Doc: Chapter # & Page #, Text/QuoteResponse/Reflection about characters, setting, motifs, symbols, plot, and themeWE will begin reading the book, ‘The Outsiders.’ The book follows two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs who are divided by their socioeconomic status. The book takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1965, but it is never stated in the book. Begin reading this book. We will start with Chapter 1 page 3, stopping at chapter 12 at the bottom of page 153. You can open up the PDF of the book and finish Chapter 1 – Chapter 12. After reading all chapters, complete the dialectical journal.BOOK TOPIC: “THE OUTSIDERS” (PDF VERSION).DUE: April 17, 2020Chapters/Page#/ Text/Quote/Response/Reflection about characters, setting, motifs, symbols, plot, and themeChapter 1:Page 3 – 17Chapter1: Page 3 – 17 Chapter 2: Page 18 – 32Chapter 2: Page 18 – 32 Chapter 3: Page 33 – 46Chapter 3:Page 33 – 46 Chapter 4:Page 47 – 58Chapter 4:Page 47 – 58 Chapter 5:Page 59 – 72Chapter 5:Page 59 – 72 Chapter 6:Page 73 – 84Chapter 6:Page 73 – 84 Chapter 7:Page 85 – 100Chapter 7:Page 85 – 100 Chapter 8:Page 101 – 111Chapter 8:Page 101 – 111 Chapter 9:Page 112 – 127Chapter 9:Page 112 – 127 Chapter 10:Page 128 – 137Chapter 10:Page 128 – 137 Chapter 11:Page 138 – 142Chapter 11:Page 138 – 142 Chapter 12:Page 143 – 153Chapter 12: Page 143 – 153

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