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The outline paper will be made up of the following

The outline paper will be made up of the following:- Title page- Thesis statement (For more information on what a statement looks like, see: A draft introductory paragraph- A bullet point for every subsequent paragraph explaining the paragraph’s angle.I will give you the title and thesis paragraph, please continue to write after this, and please read the example. Title: What is the relationship between Japanese media and Japanese government?Thesis statement: The Japanese media is significantly trusted by the Japanese society but heavily criticized by the Western world for being the government mouthpiece. EXAMPLE:Title: How does the Chinese government censor social media? (No paragraph space) Thesis statement: This paper examines the censorship strategies the Chinese government has used to suppress freedom of expression in the country. (No paragraph space)Since the early days of the digital era, several global organizations have named China as one of the enemies of the Internet (Guardian, 2012). It is because the Chinese government’s heavy online censorship. According to….. in the last 10 years, about…. Chinese people have been arrested and imprisoned for posting and spreading information against the Chinese government (Citation, year). Popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are completely banned in this 1.3 -billion-people country. China has created its own versions of these social media sites (Citation, year). However, the government imposed restrictions on these copycatted websites. A question still exists about what strategies the Chinese government has used to control its netizens. This is the focus of this paper. In order to answer the question, I will synthesize previous research papers on this topic. I will also use data made available by international organizations that monitor the freedom of expression in the world.(The above thesis statement and introductory paragraph should incorporate the comments you received on your topic report.)Below I will discuss political, economic, and media system in China to provide more information on how and why social media censorship exists in the country.China’s political contextChina’s historical background and the adoption of communismOne-party system and the government’s fear of oppositionThe rising power of China as the new super power in the world’s politicsThe Chinese economy China’s rapid economic developmentThe growing tensions in the Chinese society as economic gaps increaseThe emergence of digital technologieschina’s media censorship Server controlBlacklisting certain wordsThe fifty-two-cent army: The use of an army of online users whose job is to argue onbehalf of the government against opposition voicesHarassing and imprisoning online usersconclusion The implications social media censorship has on freedom of speechThe implications social media censorship has on the Chinese economyThe implications social media censorship has on the Chinese societyReferencesUsing APA style with at least 10 entries

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