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The Online Final Exam will open on Monday April 13

The Online Final Exam will open on Monday April 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM Toronto time. (7 hours later)The online final exam will consist of eight short-answer questions-one from each chapter covered since the midterm. Each question will be graded out of 12.5 marks. As a reminder, Chapter # 14, Chapter # 15, Chapter # 6, Chapter # 7, Chapter # 8, Chapter # 9, Chapter # 12 and Chapter # 13 are the chapters covered since the midterm exam. Looking at the subject matter, this exam will cover your knowledge pertaining to the functional areas of Finance, Management and Marketing. Please note that you will be required to write your answers in full-sentence structure and you will be required to complete some financial calculations. The use of a dictionary and a calculator will help you! You will be provided with specific instruction with respect to how to format your document and the maximum number of pages for this online final exam when the exam is released on Monday April 13, 2020.The solutions to the Break Even questions are posted below, and I also posted the test bank, chapter slides, and lecture notes to help you answer the questions.Title of each chapter:Chapter 14Money and Banking, Chapter 15Financial Decisions and Risk Management, Chapter 6Managing the Business Enterprise, Chapter 7Organizing the Business Enterprise, Chapter 8Managing Human Resources and Labour Relations, Chapter 9Motivating, Satisfying, and Leading Employees, Chapter 12Understanding Marketing Principles and Developing Products, Chapter 13Pricing, Promoting, and Distributing Products. The Questions I will post 7 hours later at 9:00 AM Toronto time. Please familiarize yourself with the content of the exam.

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