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The first step in this project must be researching

The first step in this project must be researching your client’s diagnosis which is (DeQuervian’s Disease (AKA Gamers thumb) . Your project should begin with a brief description of the condition. Where possible, this description should include Symptoms, Causes, Method of diagnosis, Prevalence and Prognosis. You will need a minimum of 3 references APA for this portion of the project.Once you are familiar with your client’s diagnosis, you will create a HOME Exercise program for this client. This home program will focus on the client’s dominant (injured) right arm and include all joints and motions from the shoulder to the fingers. Each exercise should be focused on rehabilitation for the client that YOU were assigned. These exercises should be created to be performed in a person’s home using common household items. Please note that theraputty and theraband are not common household items.For each exercise, you need to include 4 components.Why you chose the exercise – what outcome are you hoping to achieve.Which clinic exercise you are trying to replicate for the client in their home.A picture or diagram of the exercise that you are asking the client to perform.Step by step instructions that are clear and easy for the client to follow. Assume that your client has no medical knowledge but has performed similar exercises with you in the clinic.** Note ** If an exercise is contraindicated for your client, please clearly explain why your client should not be performing this motion.Try to be creative and OCCUPATION BASED. Please note that occupation-based does not mean that they are doing this occupation as part of their rehab but that they are working toward a return to full activity after their rehab.For example, if your patient is a stay-at-home mother who spends her day cleaning the house and caring for children, your goal should be to return her to this occupation. The typical stay-at-home parent does not clean windows every day, so cleaning windows would not be a good way to strengthen her ulnar and radial deviation, however, an exercise that strengthens ulnar and radial deviation would be necessary to enable her to clean windows.My client is 28 yrs old female who likes working out, hiking, biking and help her family with house chores* Exercises cut and pasted from internet HEP websites are unacceptable and will not earn points

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