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The assignment description file for Project 1 (bot

The assignment description file for Project 1 (both parts) is attached to this assignment entry.For this part of Project #1, you will complete and submit a Summary Report in narrative format based on the attacked report. Your report should have four major sections plus an attachment.Perform a more thorough analysis of the information provided about the Red Team’s penetration testing and the vulnerabilities / security gaps which were uncovered in a narrative format. You should pay attention to areas where the incident response capability needs to be improved (people, processes, policies and technologies). Prepare a Summary Report of your findings and recommendations in narrative format. Your Summary Report should have four major sections. The required sections are:IntroductionAnalysis of the Incident (summarize what you know about the red team’s activities / the resulting security incidents using the information provided in the classroom and in this file)Lessons Learned (what went wrong in the incident response process, what did not happen that should have happened)Recommendations (what needs to change, who should take actions, what actions must be taken to improve the incident response capability)Be clear and concise in your reporting of your analysis of this incident and your recommendations for improvements.Please review the rubric below for this report before submittingIntroduction (20 points)Provided an excellent introduction to the Summary Report — clear, concise, and accurate — and written for a managerial audience. The purpose of the report is clearly identified along with a statement of the contents.Analysis of the Incident (20 points)Provided an excellent analysis of the incident which was clear, concise, thorough, and accurate. Analysis addressed at least ten security issues or vulnerabilities uncovered by the penetration test. Summarized what is known (from the documentation) about the red team’s activities / the resulting security incidents. Incident analysis addressed the following factors as contributors to the overall gaps in security: people, processes, policies, and technologies. Lessons Learned (20 points)Provided an excellent evaluation of the incident and incident handling (including failures). Identified and discussed 5 or more significant lessons learned. Evaluation addressed all 4 of the following factors: people, processes, policies, and technologies.Recommendations for Improvements to Incident Response Capability (20 points)Identified, recommended, and discussed five or more improvements to the Sifers-Grayson incident response capability in a manner that was clear, concise and accurate. Linked recommendations to lessons learned. Summarized the benefits to the organization which could be realized by implementing the recommendations. Professionalism: Execution (20 points)Work is professional in appearance and organization (appropriate and consistent use of fonts, headings, color).No word usage, grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. All quotations (copied text) are properly marked and cited using a professional format. (APA format recommended)

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