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Termination Termination is “The conclusion of th

Termination Termination is “The conclusion of the social worker-client intervention process; a systematic procedure for disengaging the working relationship. It occurs when goals are reached, when the specified time for working has ended, or when the client is no longer interested in continuing…”(Barker, 2014, p. 428). May 30, 2017 Using the body of scholarly social work research, please answer the following 2 questions. (2 pages). ➢Why is termination an important part of social work? ➢ What are personal and professional challenges with the process of termination (of both your work with your clients)? Part 2 Self reflection Submit a self-reflection that responds to the following (2 pages). -Reflect on the experience of terminating with individuals, families or groups. -Reflect on ending your relationship as an intern within an agency. 1. Reflect on ways in which you identified as a professional social worker and conducted yourself accordingly during the termination phase. 2.What role did your field instructor play in preparing you for terminating with your client or agency? 3. Reflect on your personal reactions to ending. Did you expect to have this reaction? Why/why not? 4. Did you identify with any of the scenarios in the Gelman et al. (2007) article? If so, how? 5. What are your thoughts about post termination contact? 6. Specifically, what have you learned from this assignment that you can apply when terminating with individuals, families or groups in the future? This assignment must be double space and 12-inch font The writing is clear, logical, and easy to follow. The content is comprehensive and accurate. Correct spelling is mandatory No more than 2 references

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