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Task:Develop an 8 page APA paper with 8-10 referen

Task:Develop an 8 page APA paper with 8-10 references which includes Abstract, Introduction, Several Bodies, Conclusion & referencesDevelop a PPT with 15 slides for this paper along with references slide.(a) Explain the below topics in your paper and then answer the below question by highlighting a fictitious company (Consider Amazon as it uses various information systems in their business).(b) Please center your paper around the fictitious company (Amazon). The product doesn’t matter, but how you sell it to consumers does. Your paper should be from the perspective of a manager or an executive that uses Information Systems to increase the bottom-line and grows the company. Be sure to provide examples of all the elements that you have learned.Topics to use for Part(a):Business Driven MISValue Driven BusinessSustaining and disruptive technologyEthical and information security issues can arise when conducting E-businessBusiness Intelligence & Data MiningCommon Data Mining Applications:-Customer Analytics-Fraud Detection (Risk and Fraud)Common Modelling Techniques:-Segmentation-Response Modelling-Attrition ModellingData Mining-Descriptive DM (Associations, trends, clusters and anomalies | Unsupervised learning techniques | Describes patterns and relationships in large data sets)-Predictive DM (Performs induction on the current data to make predictions “ Dependent Variables, Exploratory or Independent Variables | Supervised learning techniques)-Prescriptive DM3 Popular Data Mining standard processes | Process to follow while working on a DM project*CRISP-DM*: Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data MiningKDD – Knowledge Discovery in databasesSEMMA Process – Sample, explore, modify, model and assessERP, Enterprise Systems, Integrations & Middleware

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