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TASK 1:Read the Case Study ‘OmniChannel Strategies

TASK 1:Read the Case Study ‘OmniChannel Strategies of Top Retailers’ on page 161-162 of your textbook. In a two-page essay discuss the convergence of E-Commerce and brick-and-mortar retail. What are the keys to succeeding with an omnichannel strategy; provide examples of how the companies mentioned in the Case Study are adapting their location strategies to remain competitive in the changing retail marketplace. Your essay should relate to concepts discussed in your textbook, as well as other scholarly resources.TASK 2:Using the product you chose for your discussion, analyze in detail how the product is sold through different channels. Although all products may not sell through all channels, ensure that you consider in-store, direct mail, email, social media, word of mouth, and online marketing channels for the product.DISCUSSION I POSTED:Deals like 2 for 1 dollar or 2 for four dollars is a viable methodology to bait customers and purchasers in to purchase their items in their stores! I shop at a wide range of markets however I saw, specifically, when I shop at Kroger they have a huge amount of those sorts of offers. At the point when I began taking a gander at the first cost of things, I saw a ton of the time they aren’t even a decent arrangement! For example, in the event that I proceeded to get ketchup for $1.50, yet they have a ‘deal’ ‘2 for $3.00’ sign on it, I notice I want to purchase two despite the fact that there is no markdown in the arrangement. I’ve needed to prepare my mind to disregard those sorts of ‘bargains.’

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