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STEP 1: To successfully complete this learning uni

STEP 1: To successfully complete this learning unit, first review Reflective Judgment in Ch. 7 of your text. Then listen to/watch 2 segments from Public Radio/T.V.Note: At the start of the Marin video, listen very carefully to what the doctor advises about the flu vaccine and how the mother replies. Also, listen carefully to the mother’s reasoning behind her resistance to the Chicken Pox vaccine.Marin County Vaccine RefusalandSanta Monica Vaccine RefusalSTEP 2: watch 2 segments of a lecture given by sociologist Richard Arum on his studies (with Josipa Roksa) of the causes and consequences of inadequate college educations. Watch the video from: 8:28 until 39:34 and then from 54:45 until the end.Richard Arum VideoSTEP 3: Write a 250-450 word (maximum) brief report on the issue of inadequate critical thinking/reasoning among college educated persons. In your brief report, address both questions below. Address the following questions:1. Identify the likely presence (or evidence) of ‘pre-reflective’ and ‘quasi-reflective’ judgment among college educated parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated. What did the parents say that lead you to that conclusion? 2. Describe the test Arum and Roksa used to measure higher order reasoning and writing skills and what happens to students after graduation when they failed to develop these generic skills. (Note: Arum will use the term ‘quintile.’ This means 20%. So the ‘top quintile’ would be the top 20%, etc.). Make sure to refer to information presented throughout the audio/videos, that is, your report should make clear that you listened to/watched the audio/video assignments in their entirety.

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