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Stage 1: Due April 12thFor this assignment, you wi

Stage 1: Due April 12thFor this assignment, you will select a public or nonprofit organization that you have either worked for (or volunteered for) in the past (or currently) or about which you have an interest in learning more. This public or nonprofit organization can be local or from your area of previous residence. Once you have selected an organization and an interviewee (manager), you will need to have it approved by the instructor by April 7th.Stage 2: Due April 19thOnce the interviewee has been approved by the instructor, you will then conduct an hour to an hour and half interview with a manager in the approved organization. This interview should/must address the following, but is not limited to the following issues:The history of the organizationThe mission and purpose of the organizationHow the organization determines if it is meeting its mission (or otherwise measures its performance)The culture of the organizationCollaboration with other government agencies, departments or nonprofitsThe organizational structure and designThe planning process of the organizationAccountability measures that exists in the organizationTechnology employed, unique or challenges to the organizationThe major organizational challenges facing the organizationStage 3: May 1st The final stage of the assignment includes writing a paper based on your interview. Incorporate/write up the results of your interview in a paper, 8 to 10 pages in length (APA Style). This assignment is both an interview as well as an analysis in Public Management. However, the this assignment should not read as an interview outline or a transcript, but more of an analysis of the responses to the interview in the context of an organization’s structure, culture and the craft of manager within organizations. The paper should be written in the context of organizational design, performance and strategies, along with planning, emerging issues and technologies. Consider this an opportunity to ask questions to a public/nonprofit manager and discuss actual events and outcomes from managers working in the field.

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