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ssignment 1, Goal: In an effort to identify the pr

ssignment 1, Goal: In an effort to identify the primary topic/object of study in the science of psychology: The scientific study of behavior and mental processes,In the terms below: Please underline terms you think a novice might find ambiguous and not derstanoOperationalize:itiofivelize: To define a concept or variable so that it can be measured orexpressed quaely.Psychology is a (Q) science, the scientific study of behavior and mental processesScience: A state of fact of knowing. Systematized knowledge derivedFrom observation, study, and experimentation in order to determine the.nature or principles of what is being studied. Science: the study and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena in an orderly way knowledge acquired through experience.Study: the process of applying the mind to acquire knowledge.Behavior: Observable activity in a human or animal; the aggregate o responses to internal and external stimuli: the action or reaction of any material under a given circumstanceMental: Of, for, done by, done in the Mind. Without using written symbols.Process: the course of being done, continuing development involving changes, a method of doing something involving steps and operations.Please keep this information in your notebook for the entire term

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