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SOWK 640Assignment 4:Theory of Change PaperTheory

SOWK 640Assignment 4:Theory of Change PaperTheory of Change Paper: Students will write a 6-8 pages double-spaced paper(APA style, citations and reference page)related to military families and children for a clinical journal article submission.** In this paper students will address beliefs on psychopathology, dysfunction, and/or parent-child or parent-parent relational distress that some military families (couples, children or the family unit) face while serving.**Discuss: What brings these families into therapy? What are barriers to mental health services? How can change occur?How would family therapy, couples therapy or individual therapy assist this population in adjusting?**Further, students should be prepared to propose a theory on how to help people move from dysfunctional states to states of functionality.Minimum of eight (8) references required.Students should also discuss as a social work professional how they can make an impact, and/or discuss how they would advocate for military families and or children.The paper must include the following: 1)Discussion of the relevant descriptive features of an identified problem military families are challenged with and relating that problem to a theoretical framework(s) we have discussed or you have found in your readings. (30 pts) 2) Provide an analysis, referencing theories, indicating the contextual and personal factors that are most relevant for explaining the problem and discussing interventions and needed public response to problems or policy change or advocacy agenda. (30 pts) 3) Provide a discussion of a population based intervention approach-evidenced-based (if applicable to your assignment). Intervention options (with an analysis of relative strengths and weaknesses) can be part of this discussion. (20 pts) 4) Discuss agency, policies, legal, ethical and policy issues impacting the problem. List name of journal article was submitted to for publication consideration. (20 pts)Class DiscussionShould there be some kind of policy change? Treatment program change?Reminder:This paper asks you to focus on all your knowledge within clinical social work from a micro and macro level social work policy and theory of changePlease elaborate the change your would like to see within military family social work.

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